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Canadian Coin References

A list of recommended books and newspapers for Canadian Coins and Bank Notes.

These are many of the reference books that I recommend. They are worth having. I use them almost daily and always find what I'm looking for.

Coin Value References
Canadian Coin Newspaper

Canadian Coin News


Can be purchased at any local coin shop. Gives you values of all Canadian coins in their respective grades. Great Resource!

Grading Books
Standard Grading Guide

Standard Grading Guide for
Canadian & Colonial Decimal Coins

by James E. Charlton and Robert C. Willey

Revised Edition
5.5"x9", 190+ pages

Coin Books
Canadian Coins Catalogue

Canadian Coins Catalogue

Volume One, Numismatic Issules 2010

A Charlton Standard Catalogue
The 64th edition of Canadian Coins
W.K Cross

World Coins Book

2010 Standard Catalog of World Coins

21st Century - 2001-Date

4th Edition Krause (soft)
515 pages - Heavily Illustrated
5,500 Actual-Size Photos

Bank Notes Reference Guides
Canadian Government Paper Money Charlton Catalogue

Canadian Government Paper Money

22nd Edition 2010

A Charlton Standard Catalogue
R.J. Graham, Editor